Thursday, August 2, 2012


The Toronto Blue Jays

Welcome to my blog. I've been contributing to the Blue Jays talk through conversations on SportsNet and in blogs around the internet. I am known as "Tim in the Falls"

I've been a Jays fan now for over 25 years and live in Niagara Falls (on the better side). I will try to post some insight on the Jays after every game. Hopefully, alot of you will read and agree (or disagree) with my views and start some lively discussions. Of course, not many of you will realize that I exist for awhile, but hopefully that will change. Hopefully, I can just keep this blog running.

It's August now, and the Jays were just swept by the Mariners. The Jays are still working with their patchwork starting rotation and now are forced to have a patchwork starting lineup due to injuries to the great Jose Bautista, Adam Lind, and JP Arencibia. The Jays are facing a tough road trip, and their odds of making the post season are long, at best.

My Dad and I exchange email about the Blue Jays and my father always entitles his emails "boo jays", so in homage to him, I am using this as the handle here on blogspot.

Ok, Boo Jays... lets play ball.

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