Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hutchinson, McGowan done

Lind expected back on Friday

In Blue Jays news today, it was revealed that Drew Hutchinson and Dustin McGowan are both going to undergo season-ending surgery, according to Brendan Kennedy of the Star today.

Drew Hutchinson (5-3, 4.65 ERA, 1.347 WHIP) exited the game on June 16th after 12 pitches with right elbow pain. After attempting a rehab program, Hutchinson will punch the Jays "frequent surgery" card with Dr. Andrews and undergo Tommy John surgery. He won't be back until at least next August. Hutchinson played a very limited amount of time in the junior leagues before getting the #5 start. He was showing improvements with pitch selection and location before his injury.

Dustin McGowan injured his foot in spring training, but as the rehab program progressed, his shoulder faultered as he experienced pain as his throwing program progressed. Dustin has always been a Jay, drafted in 2000, but he has seen 5 games of major league action in the past 4 years. He had moments of greatness: a 1 hitter against Colorado on June 24, 2007 and two other complete games. But I think that perhaps it is time to close the book on Dustin -- just not enough time at the major league level to bring him back. But on the other hand, the money is already spent, and there has been a very heavy investment in this guy. But I think the Jays fandom can't count on him except to be an added bonus if he remains healthy.

Brandon Morrow, meanwhile, is on his way back. He will likely start for the Fisher Cats on Wednesday or Thursday and make 1 or 2 more starts until he comes back. That puts him back starting towards the end of the month if all goes well in New Hampshire. Henderson Alverez probably has 6-7 more starts left before he hits his innings limit (which is about 175, he has 131 now). I also doubt that Carlos Villanueva will make it to the end of the season either. I am hoping that the Jays are careful with their remaining arms and take out Alvarez when Morrow comes back, and perhaps use Chad Jenkins at the end of the season to start for Carlos.

Meanwhile, Barry Davis tweets that Adam Lind may be back in the lineup against the Yankees on Friday. Jose Bautista has yet to resume batting practice after feeling more discomfort in his hand last week. I am guessing that the Jays don't see Bautista in the lineup again until the end of the month. Adam Lind stated that he'll likely be playing with discomfort for the rest of the season, and I'm wondering if that's a hint that he will be at DH leaving Edwin to play 1st for the rest of the year.

Sigh. So much hope at the beginning of the season.

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